Sunday News: 11/25/12

Not surprising to see in California, but this is an example of the challenges being faced by local parties in areas with increasing minority populations.  Is the answer just comprehensive immigration reform? Or should we appeal to the Hispanic vote in additional ways?

Republicans consider ending the Iowa Straw Poll.

I think we need to consider our initial primaries as well.  The race has become all about the initial momentum, and we have blue states setting all the initial momentum.

Independent voters pessimistic about the economy too

Republicans actually did pretty well with independent voters.  To me this indicates we should increase efforts to start peeling off democrat voters.  Another tidbit from this survey? Americans would like to see more spending cuts over increasing taxes by a 2-1 margin regardless of party affiliation. This means even a lot of Democrats understand we are spending too much.

Is it the media’s fault?

John Hindraker with some interesting commentary on the fact that even though Romney lost the election, Republicans are doing quite well at some state and local levels, controlling more states than ever.  Is it because the national media ignores the local and state races?


  • 7 years ago