What is our Message in Congress?

“I’m Not Sure What Republicans Stand For In Congress” – Erickson

I’m with Erickson on this one.  What is our message in Congress right now?  We are against the fiscal cliff, but what does that mean?  All of the media discussion is revolving around how much the tax increases should be and which segment of the rich will pay it.  We are playing on the President’s home court.

What is missing from the discussion? Spending cuts.  The President keeps talking about a “balanced approach.”  Where is the balance on he spending cut side?  Boehner and company should challenge the president to lay out his spending cuts every single time he says the word “balanced.”

If the media is going to beat up Republicans for favoring the rich anyway, we might as well use the media coverage to raise awareness of the real issue in the budget, out-of-control spending.

  • 7 years ago