What will 2014 hold for Republicans?

As a Republican I am anxious for 2014. 2013 was bad enough all around for the GOP that now 2014 feels like an opportunity to possibly do better.

This year the main event is the fight for the U.S. Senate. 

The last few years Republicans have been getting rolled by the Democrats on a regular basis. But the implosion of ObamaCare has given a small window of opportunity for the GOP. Do we dare hope that President Obama is beginning to show signs of lame duck status?

This year the main event is the fight for the U.S. Senate. The next ten months every move by both sides will be made with the November Senate races in mind. What can we expect the main themes to be?

Obviously we can expect much more bad news from the implementation of ObamaCare. Today at lunch, I overheard a waitress discussing major changes to her family’s insurance which would require them to spend $2500 out of pocket before their insurance kicked in. Imagine that same conversation occurring in nearly every household in the country. Republicans must press the message that the entire Democrat party is completely and solely responsible for the mess

Naturally we can expect the Democrats to try and change the subject. It has already begun with the President trying to focus in “income inequality.” This will lead naturally to a push to increase the minimum wage. So Democrats are going to turn to their same old play book, that the mean old Republicans are rich businessmen who hate poor people. (I hope someone calculates how much the minimum wage will have to increase to offset the cost of health insurance increases.)

The Democrats will also continue to push the “war on women” message and the left will probably continue to push the homosexual marriage agenda, although the recent Duck Dynasty debacle gives some hope that gay rights is not the clear cut winner that liberals think it is.

Given the Democrats overwhelming advantage in the media, it is critical that the Republicans settle on a message and STAY on message. We can’t afford anymore Todd Akin type distractions. “Media” outlets like MS-NBC will be doing their best to create foot-in-mouth situations. 2014 must also be the year the GOP begins to figure out how to use the internet and social media to go around the media and directly to the independent voters.

The other big question for Republicans in 2014: Will we be able to reconcile the tea party and the traditional Republicans?

The Tea Party continues to be concerned about big government spending and government over reach. The are skeptical (with good reason) that the current GOP senators can not be counted on to stand up to the President and seriously reduce spending.

But can the country stand for Tea Party to spend more time fighting Republicans than Democrats? ObamaCare represents a tremendous threat to the budget and individual liberty. Hopefully the Tea Party will join hands with the GOP this year and focus on the common enemy of big liberal socialism.

The final question for 2014?

Republicans are in the hunt for the U.S. Senate. What will they do if they catch it?

  • 6 years ago
  • Frances says:

    Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to say hi on my site. Kudos to a thriving blog. I think Obama is your most controversial President yet, and I don’t think Obamacare favors your working class either. Greetings from New Zealand.

    • Lynn Sebourn says:

      New Zealand! I had a delightful English professor in college from New Zealand. I wanted to go to class just to listen to her talk. Hope to visit there someday. Thanks for stopping by.

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